As a Colorado-­based company, we have some experience with the great outdoors. And how sometimes, despite your best efforts, the great outdoors tends to creep quietly indoors. Snow, rain, dirt, water, wind, earth and elements you didn’t even know existed can suddenly find their way into your home, tracked in by your two-­legged and four-­legged loved ones, or simply swept in when you’re trying to sweep it all out. Enter the mudroom -- ­­ that magical passage designed to keep the outside from coming in. Colorado Fine Woodworks excels at making the merely utilitarian uniquely suited to your taste, not to mention worthy of a double-take or two. The mudroom is no exception. We work with you to create:

  • functional flooring, seating and storage for shoes, sports, bags and boots
  • highly durable spaces, designed to weather the worst, including water and dirt
  • ample drawers, doors, cupboards and shelves meant to be hidden ­-or-­ exposed
  • plenty of compartments, hangers, hooks and nooks to keep things organized
  • solid, handcrafted furnishings that fit, maximizing tight corners and narrow halls
  • We’d love to hear more about how Colorado Fine Woodworks can help you tackle your mudroom project to keep clutter, soil and toil to a minimum. Give us a call today!

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