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"Inspired Craftsmanship, from Classic to Contemporary"

About Colorado Fine Woodworks

Colorado Fine Woodworks specializes in interior woodwork and furniture that is crafted with care, intended to endure, and created to be both beautiful and functional. We enjoy designing innovative solutions and applying time-tested practices to modern-day challenges. Having worked with a wide range of materials in a variety of environments, owner and designer Bryant Bajema brings both creative thinking and more than 17 years of experience to your project. He understands how woodwork really... works - what finishes, features and fixtures make sense, the effects of temperature, movement and moisture, and how choices made today will transform with time. But what Colorado Fine Woodworks truly does best is to pay attention - not just to projects, but to people. By listening to your needs and hearing you speak from the heart, we excel at applying our techniques to delivering your dreams.

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