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Bedroom & Closet

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The most comfortable room in the house may also need to be the most functional: today's bedroom is a place to rest your head, store your stuff, be more mindful or become more motivated, play host to visiting family and friends, catch up on correspondence, binge-watch that must-see series or unplug entirely and hide out from the world. That's a lot of multitasking for a space that's supposed to feel serene. Luckily, Colorado Fine Woodworks is accustomed to customizing furnishings designed to serve many masters. From headboards to nightstands, to nooks for your books and dressers that do double duty, we'll help you translate your dreams to reality and make your bedroom blissful again.


Colorado Fine Woodworks specializes in:

  • flexible furnishings that combine sleeping, storage and space-saving smarts

  • carefully crafted custom solutions - like bunk beds, Murphy beds and more

  • beautifully designed built-ins that maximize creativity and manage clutter

  • legacy piece that will be loved by generations to come

You can rest easy knowing that Colorado Fine Woodworks bedroom projects are designed to create peace of mind. Get in touch with us - we're here to assist you!

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