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Dining Tables

In a world of rapidly shifting priorities and ever-increasing pace, gathering for a meal can act as an anchor, a setting and place to regain some perspective and balance. Whether it's used for quiet conversations, noisy celebrations, elegant feasts or fun-filled family game nights, your dining room is deserving of some thoughtful attention to detail. Colorado Fine Woodworks will work with you to create dining room furnishings that are built to last, but constructed with convenience and customization in mind. Structured and sturdy can also be stunning and sophisticated, creating a functional focal point for your dining room that leaves a lasting impression. We'll help you with everything from selecting source materials to conceptualizing seating options.

Colorado Fine Woodworks specializes in:

  • translating your vision into truly beautiful, durable dining room furnishings

  • a variety of styles: sleek, edgy, rustic, reclaimed, traditional, contemporary

  • selecting complementary wood species and striking accent elements

  • heavy metal highlights and delicate design work utilizing glass, iron and more

  • creating rock-solid tables that are designed for easy transport/transformation

Take a look at some of the Colorado Fine Woodworks dining projects we've completed for clients, and please feel free to contact us with any questions you have. 

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