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Whether they’re acting as sliders, dividers, inviters, or simply beautiful barriers that simultaneously beckon you in, doors make a lasting impression and are a delightful way to set the scene for your family, friends and guests. Colorado Fine Woodworks will help you select and integrate doors that do more, opening your mind to new design ideas, options, methods and materials.


Accent dividers, closets, interior or exterior, we make picture-perfect doors with:

  • solidly constructed tracks, sliders, jambs and casings that are built to endure

  • reclaimed wood restored to look new or treated to retain its traditional beauty

  • integrated glass and iron, artfully blending modern and vintage materials

  • an eye on the elements and sustainable selections that conserve energy

  • sensible sentiments and other rustic touches, like sturdy barn doors on tracks

  • meticulous attention to sizing, framing, hinges; pre-hung and ready-to-install

At Colorado Fine Woodworks our door is always open (sorry, couldn’t help it). Contact us to discuss – from perusing and choosing, to hinges and hardware, we’re here to lend a hand through all the ins and outs of your door project.

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