At Colorado Fine Woodworks, we are dedicated to creating custom furnishings for any room in your home. We love nothing more than being tasked with a project that solves a problem, and designs that defy convention are our strong suit. That's why we enjoy meeting you and hearing more about the things that make your heart sing: what you collect, what you protect, what you want to replay, display or downplay. We work with you to understand your needs (and we expedite your wants while we're at it). Integrated lighting, glass that gleams, noteworthy notions, odd angles, gorgeous joinery, mixed materials - your vision comes to life and we make sure that form and function are wedded and vetted. 

Among the specialty projects Colorado Fine Woodworks has undertaken on behalf of clients:

  • a humidified guitar cabinet designed to respect and protect valued instruments

  • a maple fainting couch built specifically to fit the room and doubling as storage

  • a salon shelf made to display beauty products... beautifully

  • a cleverly crafted custom bookcase created to shelve texts of all heights/depths

We'd love to hear from you and are happy to discuss how a Colorado Fine Woodworks specialty solution might be the perfect fit for your unique or unusual pet project.