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Kitchen Cabinets & Islands

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Whether you're preparing a Thanksgiving feast or grabbing breakfast on the go as you whirl out the door to work, having a highly functional kitchen requires an upfront attention to design detail that borders on fanatical. That's why Colorado Fine Woodworks' kitchen cabinet projects include an in-depth discussion about how you actually use your kitchen. Left-handed or right-handed? Doors or drawers? Concealing or revealing? We ask all the questions, listen to your answers, take our own measurements onsite, create 3D drawings, manage installation, and collaborate with you to ensure even the smallest elements are carefully considered. And, of course, we also make it beautiful, whether your tastes tend toward traditional or contemporary, incorporating influences from elegant to rustic to reclaimed.


Our work is:

  • exclusively custom, built EXACTLY to the specifications of your kitchen

  • designed to optimize every square inch, with no fillers or dead spaces

  • crafted to highlight or hide any feature you wish - including your appliances

  • thoughtfully and thoroughly plotted, from hinges to hardware

Take a look at some of the Colorado Fine Woodworks kitchen cabinet projects we've completed for clients, and please feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

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