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Laundry & Mudroom

One of the more coveted modern-day luxuries, a well-appointed laundry room can make all the difference between drudgery and downright dreamy. While we’re certainly still talking about a chore that’s a bore, Colorado Fine Woodworks has designed custom laundry room layouts with elegant elements that alleviate the irritation and increase the efficiencies. You can save space, time and energy as you go about the business of sorting, cleaning, washing, drying, pressing, folding and then - doing it all over again the next week or the next day.


Some of our more creative laundry room projects have included:

  • storage galore, including plenty of sensible places for stashing baskets

  • a blend of easily accessible open and hidden cupboards, cubbies and cabinets

  • handy handles and hardware carefully selected to increase convenience

  • pull-out doors and drawers that keep detergents and dryer sheets within reach

  • ample sink and countertop space for rinsing, folding and dealing with delicates

  • brilliant built-ins, including a perfectly integrated concealed laundry chute

We’ve got literally loads of ideas for your laundry room, and we’d love to help make your household duties less difficult. Contact Colorado Fine Woodworks to start planning your project right away!

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